Connect with us: Please note that the preferred way of contacting IT Services is via LiveHelp Chat and Remote Support.

Windows 11 / New MacBook Models / Chromebooks

Please note that certain Fanshawe College Programs use software that does not support Windows 11, newer MacBook Models, Google Chromebooks, or computers with non-Intel or non-AMD CPUs.
Please check the CONNECT Program Resources page for further details

Classroom Support

The High Tech Classroom support service is geared towards providing an optimal learning environment for students and staff. Should you require assistance using high tech classroom equipment, or notice that something is not right, please let us know!

Podium Computer

The IT Service Desk maintains and provides support for the imaging devices including the display and projector.

Projector and Display

The IT Service Desk maintains and provides support for the imaging devices including the display and projector.

Classroom Audio

The IT Service Desk maintains the Audio Equipment in the classrooms.

Explore the Technology

Input Panels

Centralized Control

Our input panels allow you to control a wide range of equipment. Control features include being able to switch Inputs from the Desktop to the Laptop, turning the screens off or on, or blacking out the display

Simple to use

We built the interface to be as simple as possible, and as accessible as possible, so you can focus on the class, not the technology

Need Help?

Should you need help using the input panel, let one of our friendly staff know!


High Resolution

Most of our projectors offer at least a 1080p widescreen 16:9 or 16:10 viewing experience


Certain learning spaces offer touch input for being able to draw, highlight, or annotate lectures and notes. Touch Input is only available on Epson(TM) BrightLink models


Should a projector be in need of service, such as requesting a bulb change, please report the issue using the form below. Our technicians will check it out! Reporting the issue is crucial to receiving fast service

Service FAQ

Please consult the following Questions and Answers for some frequently requested information

I have an urgent request, what can you do to help?

If you have an urgent request that is interfering with your ability to conduct your class, such as an audio or visual issue, please contact us by phone or in person.

Phone: 519-452-6902
Room: E2030

Note: Due to safety and accessibility requirements, we are not able to service projection equipment while class is in session.

The projector in the room is giving me a bulb warning / bulb is burned out.

If the projector is giving you a lamp warning, or if the bulb is burned out, it will require replacement.  

Note: We are not able to service projection equipment while class is in session. All service will be provided when the room is vacant.

Please use the form at the bottom of this page to submit a service request.

How long does service usually take?

We strive for a 24-48 hour turn around (excluding weekends), however in the case of High Tech Classrooms, this turnaround period may be extended. Due to room availability, our technicians may not be able to make required arrangements to complete your work order. You will, however, be notified as to the status of your work request via email.


The VCR is not working in the classroom.

Fanshawe College no longer supports VCRs in the High Tech Classroom environment. Should it be non-functional, please let us know so that we may remove it.

The Projector Screen is not working.

If the projector screen, motorized or pull-down is not working, please contact your manager or supervisor. These requests must be submitted to Facilities using the Archibus Ticket System. 

I would like to have software installed in the classroom, can you help?

With the exception of certain podium computers, Academic Technical Support Services handles software installation for all classroom computers. Should a software package be required, please let us know via the “Contact Us” section in the main menu, or in the footer of the site.