Adobe Creative Cloud

Students who are enrolled in certain programs are entitled to receive a copy of Adobe Creative Cloud at no cost for the duration of their studies.

The Adobe Creative Cloud passwords are managed through Adobe. If you have lost your password, please use the Password Reset service that is offered through Adobe. Visit Adobe to Reset your Adobe Password

The below are eligible:

  • Photography (All Levels)
  • Staff (Upon request and ITSD Approval)

What happens

Students enrolled in the above programs will be automatically added to the Creative Cloud Enterprise license. If you are enrolled in the program, and should have access, but don’t – please contact us at the Contact Us page.

1. You will receive an email to your FanshaweOnline email with information

You will receive an email to your FanshaweOnline email address that will look like the following:

FanshaweOnline email – click to enlarge

Select the blue “Get Started” button to continue to the sign-up page.
Note: In some browsers, you must right click, and select “Open in New Tab”.

2. Sign into the Adobe Portal to Download Creative Cloud

If you are not automatically redirected to the Adobe page – please follow the link: to sign into Adobe.

The Adobe Login page – enter your FOL email here

You will appear at the page above. On this page, please type in your Fanshawe College Email address ( for students). Once you do, pressing the Tab key, or going to the Password field will redirect you to the page below. If you are not redirected, please click the “Sign in with an Enterprise ID”.

Once you see the page below, select “Enterprise ID”. You will be redirected.

The account selector form – please select “Enterprise ID”

Pressing the “Enterprise ID” option will redirect you to the Fanshawe College Login (CAS) page, which is the same page you use to log into

The FOL Login page you know and love

4. Download the Creative Cloud Desktop Client

After going through the Adobe Creative Cloud registration, you can now download the Creative Cloud Desktop Client to install all your applications. You may do so from here.

Select the Download from, Sign in, if required and click the “download” button at the top of the page.

The download page – click to enlarge

The download will start:

download message – click to enlarge

After the download has completed. Install the software (varies based on the operating system)

5. Install the Applications

After the installer has completed, you should see the the Creative Cloud Desktop client running in either the Mac taskbar (top), or the Windows system tray. Opening up the application may ask you to install an update. Proceed to install an update, if required. You may also be asked to log in again. Once the CC Desktop application  has opened, you may then install applications that you require.

Adobe CC Desktop client – click to enlarge