Connected is our enhanced IT Services for programs. It allows you to receive VIP computer support, loaner computers, should your computer be out of action* and more!

* Proof of laptop repair is required

What Programs are Elegible

Currently, CONNECTED is a service that is offered on a per-program basis. Your program must include a Technology Fee in the program tuition.

Currently, most programs in the School of Information Technology, Photography, and Manufacturing Sciences are included.  Please see below for the complete list.

Access the 2018 CONNECT Orientation

for CONNECTED IT Students

Enhanced Support

CONNECT programs benefit from a full-service IT Support package, including advanced hardware and software troubleshooting.

Full Computer Support

We are able to assist with all Windows and OSX inquiries, with the exception of homework. Support includes free OS and application installation and advanced troubleshooting.

Microsoft Imagine

CONNECT-enabled programs get access to Microsoft Imagine, a repository of all Microsoft software (and more)!

CONNECT-Enabled programs (Updated 2018)


In order to take advantage of the CONNECTED program, you must be enrolled in one of the below programs. This list has been updated and is current as of September 2018.

Program NameDepartmentProgram Code
Geographic Information SystemsARDGIS
Marketing ManagementBUSMKM1
International Business MgmtBUSITB1
Business AccountingBUSBAC2
Business Administration AccountingBUSBAA2
Business Administration – Leadership and ManagementBUSBAL1
Business Administration – Human ResourcesBUSBAH1
Human Resource ManagementBUSHMG1
Business Administration MarketingBUSBAM2
Project ManagementBUSPRJ1
Supply Chain ManagementBUSSCM
Operations Management BUSOPM
Bachelor of Commerce – Digital MarketingBUSBDM
Bachelor of Commerce – AccountingBUSBCA
Bachelor of Commerce – Human ResourcesBUSBCM
Bachelor of Commerce – Leadership and ManagementBUSBCH
Journalism – BroadcastCOMBRJ1 &BRJ2
Community Integration through Cooperative EducationHUMCIT2
Applied Mechanical DesignMANAMD1
Computer Programmer AnalystITYCPA2
Computer Systems TechnologyITYCTY1
Computer Systems TechnicianITYCTN2
Game Development – Advanced ProgrammingITYGDP1
Information Security ManagementITYISM1
Internet Applications and Web DevelopmentITYIWD1
Network and Security ArchitectureITYNSA
Software and Information Systems TestingITYSST


Please consult the following Questions and Answers for some frequuently requested information

I am not enrolled in one of the above programs, what support do I get?

The IT Service Desk will provide full support for Fanshawe services (such as Username and Password requests, email, etc), however will not be able to assist students with advanced troubleshooting of software and hardware. Should you require this service, it will be available for a fee.

Can I still get Microsoft Products for free?

All Fanshawe Students, regardless of program, are eligible for free Microsoft software, through the OnTheHub portal. For further details, please see here: Free Microsoft for Students and Staff