Stop the Spread: Please note that the preferred way of contacting IT Services is via LiveHelp Chat and Remote Support.

Windows 11 / New MacBook Models / Chromebooks

Please note that certain Fanshawe College Programs do not support Windows 11, newer MacBook Models, Google Chromebooks, or computers with non-Intel or non-AMD CPUs. Please check the Laptops page for further details

Looking to install Microsoft Windows 10 on a Mac?

You can install Office 365 Education on any device, but if you are looking to install Microsoft Windows 10 on a Mac, you've come to the right place.

Office 365 Education

Included Applications

Do more with 365

Office 365 includes the most common tools required for all your school assignments, presentations, calculations and notes. With cloud-connected anywhere-accessible files through OneDrive, your dog will never eat your homework again!

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Other Microsoft Products

Project? Visio? Windows Server? We got you covered!

Fanshawe College has partnered with Microsoft to provide students with access to Azure Dev Tools for Teaching. Azure Dev Tools for Teaching has access to dozens of applications including Project, Visio, Windows Server, Visual Studio, and More!

Also Includes Windows 10!

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Visual Studio

Installation and Registration

Office 365 is available to all students and staff with an FanshaweOnline account in good standing. The software is to be used on personal devices. Office 365 is available for Windows, Mac, iPhones, iPads and Android devices. The below guide walks you through the registration and installation process for Windows and Apple devices. For mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, please visit the corresponding app store.

Step 1 - Visit Microsoft

Office 365 is can only be downloaded from the Microsoft Office 365 Education portal. Please visit the portal at the link below. Once there, you will proceed to register an account 

Step 2 - Sign up using your FOL email

Enter your FOL email into the textbox. Your FOL email is your username
Note: Do not enter your FanshaweC or any other Fanshawe Email, as it will not work.
Click Get Started when you are done

Step 3 - Select "I'm a student"

On the next page, select the I’m a student option, to continue . This will also trigger an email to be sent to the email (the FanshaweOnline email). You will be asked for the confirmation code from the email in the next step.

Step 4 - Register and confirm account

Fill out the First and Last name, create a Password, and enter the confirmation code you received in your FanshaweOnline email (see Step 4b)

Note: The password you specify here is one that may differ from your FanshaweOnline account. If you forget your Office 365 Password, you must reset it through Microsoft.

Step 4b - Get your signup code

After completing Step 2 – you will have received an email to your FanshaweOnline account. Log into your FanshaweOnline email, and open the confirmation email that you would have received. 

(if you don’t remember your password, you can always reset it here)

You can now put the confirmation code into the registration page (step 4) and click the Start link to begin

Optional Step - Invite Others

You may also invite others who you feel will benefit from Office 365 Education. Simply enter their email addresses and click Send Invitations, or click Skip if you don’t want to invite anyone

Step 5 - Install Office Applications

After you have registered through Microsoft, you will automatically be logged in. While you can use the web-based applications, we recommend that you install the desktop clients. In order to install the applications, click “Install Office Apps” in the top, and follow the instructions on the page.

Microsoft Support and Troubleshooting

Forgot password

The Password for Office 365 Education is specific to Microsoft. Fanshawe College cannot reset your password for this service. Please visit Microsoft Support to reset your password

Installation Support

Installation Support is provided by Microsoft. Please visit the official support page for detailed and up-to-date support

Trouble Activating on Mac?

If you have downloaded and installed Office 365 on a Mac, you may have issues activating/using the software. Common symptoms include a message stating that you cannot edit the document.

Please follow the instructions in the support article below, and reinstall the software.

AutoCad for Education

Unlock educational access to Autodesk products

Students and educators can get free one-year educational access to Autodesk products and services, renewable as long as you remain eligible. Confirm your eligibility now.

Students can get access to Autocad, Revit, Fusion360, Maya, 3DS Max, and more!

How to Install AutoCad For Education

AutoCad for Education is offered through the AutoCad Website.
You may visit them for further information and how to register by clicking
the button below: