Connect with us: Please note that the preferred way of contacting IT Services is via LiveHelp Chat and Remote Support.

Windows 11 / New MacBook Models / Chromebooks

Please note that certain Fanshawe College Programs use software that does not support Windows 11, newer MacBook Models, Google Chromebooks, or computers with non-Intel or non-AMD CPUs.
Please check the CONNECT Program Resources page for further details

Hardware Support and Procurement

The IT Service Desk is able to offer Hardware Support for Students and Staff, and Hardware Procurement for Staff. 

Our Warranty-authorized service center can provide service for Dell, Apple, Lenovo/IBM, Fujitsu and Toshiba. We are also able to provide factory authorized service for iPads and iPhones

Industry Partners

Supported Warranty-Authorized Repairs
Lenovo and IBM



We are a warranty-authorized service center for Dell, Apple, Lenovo/IBM, Fujitsu and Toshiba hardware

First Party Source

All our parts come directly from the manufacturer. 100% quality components guaranteed.

Fast Service

We deal directly with the manufacturer for parts and are able to provide fast service and temporary-use machines (restrictions apply)

Service Standards

Service Avalability

We respond within
24-48 Business Hours during our regular schedule. Repair times may vary based on shipping and parts availability.

Service Representative

You may contact the IT Service Desk to receive this service. Contact details here.

Target Audience

This service is available to all students, applicants, staff and faculty.

Students are limited to Hardware Service Only.

Service Policies

If you are a staff or a student, enrolled in a CONNECT-enabled program, you are entitled to a loaner

Service Fees

Service fees are waived for warranty services (pending damage inspection). Other fees vary for this service (Price of components, complexity of repairs)

Order Service

Please contact us (Contact details in the Contacts Section above)

Service FAQ

Please consult the following Questions and Answers for some frequuently requested information

What brands are supported?

While the Hardware Services – IT Service Desk is able to provide limited service for all makes and models of laptops, only the following brands are serviceable under warranty contacts:

  • Dell
  • Apple
  • Lenovo/IBM
  • Fujitsu
  • Toshiba

If your laptop is not of the above, we are able to provide service, however not able to honor warranty.

If my laptop is under warranty, do I have to pay for repairs?

If your laptop is under warranty, repair fees are covered by the manufacturer. 

Please note, that should your device be physically damaged, including water damage, drops, etc, it may not be covered.

I have a warranty from a Third Party, can you honor that warranty?

Unfortunately we do not honor third party warranties such as BestBuy or SquareTrade.

I am a staff member, how does hardware procurement work?

For staff members, hardware procurement is handled by means of a ticket. Should you require a hardware device, please submit a ticket with the following information:

  • Device Specifications
  • ICB (Internal Chargeback Account Number)
  • Manager Approval

Please note that we are only able to order Dell and Apple laptops and desktops. 

iPad and iPhone Repairs

We are happy to announce that we support warranty and non-warranty repairs for iPad and iPhones.