Connect with us: Please note that the preferred way of contacting IT Services is via LiveHelp Chat and Remote Support.

Windows 11 / New MacBook Models / Chromebooks

Please note that certain Fanshawe College Programs use software that does not support Windows 11, newer MacBook Models, Google Chromebooks, or computers with non-Intel or non-AMD CPUs.
Please check the CONNECT Program Resources page for further details

Networking and WI-FI

For all your Networking needs. We are here to help you troubleshoot Network and Connectivity issues

Connectivity at Fanshawe

Fanshawe provides wired & wireless network access to students, staff, sponsored guests as well as the Eduroam Community network.

2-Step Wireless Setup

Connecting to Fanshawe's wireless network is done in 2 quick and easy steps.

Connect up to 5 Devices

Fanshawe's wireless networks allow you to connect up to five devices under your account.

Network Service Standards

Service Avalability

Fanshawe Wi-Fi is available at all Fanshawe Campus locations including regional offices 24/7.

2-Step Wireless Setup

Connecting to Fanshawe’s wireless network is done in 2 quick and easy steps.

1. Choose the appropriate network to connect to Staff/Student/Guest and fill out the information required.

2. Register your device by logging into the second sign-in page. If it does not come up automatically open the internet and browse to

Guest Events

If your department is going to be hosting an event and would like Wi-Fi access for the guests contact the IT Service Desk.

Fanshawe Wi-Fi Map

Fanshawe Wi-Fi Services extend across the Majority of Fanshawe’s main campus classroom and even outdoor areas. See the link below.

Wifi Service Fees

There are no additional fee’s to connect to Fanshawe’s Wi-Fi.

Guest Network Setup

For instructions on how to setup a guest Wi-Fi account please use the CollegeGuest network.

Network FAQ

Please consult the following Questions and Answers for some frequently requested information

What are the wireless settings?

Some devices require additional information other than just username and password, most commonly android phones/tablets/computers.

If your device is requiring additional information to connect use the following:

Security type: PEAP
Second Security Method: MSCHAPv2
Certificate: Do not validate
Identity: Fanshawe username
Anonymous Identity: Leave Blank
Password: Fanshawe Password

Wireless is showing connected but is still not working?

The more common reasons as to why the wireless network is showing connected but not working are:

Device Registration is not completed: After connecting to the Fanshawe wifi network the device you’re on needs to be registered as well. In order to do this second step you need to browse to a non-secure website (one that uses http and not https) such as

DNS Settings: When you’re connected to Fanshawe’s wifi network you need to user Fanshawe’s DNS addresses. Your DNS settings should be set to automatic but can be manually changed in your computers wifi adapter settings. VPN programs and viruses can interfere with what DNS servers your computer is using.

Wi-Fi keeps getting disconnected?

There are a number of reasons as why the wireless network may be dropping from your device.

Devices keep having to register: Fanshawe Wi-Fi networks support up to 5 devices connected at any one time. If you then connect another device it will un-enroll a previously connected device. You can still use that device on the Fanshawe network although you will have to register it again with the second sign-in process.

Old technology: Older Wi-Fi devices and computers may not be properly configured to make use of the technology in an optimal fashion. This can cause Wi-Fi to run slowly, stutter and drop connection. It’s highly recommend to keep your devices and computer software/drivers up-to-date as possible, check with your device’s manufactures website.

Network Congestion:  An over abundance of wireless devices in a given area can cause network congestion. Locations such as cafeterias and lounges where there are the most people making use of the wireless network there will be the least performance. In these situations we are limited to what we can do as wireless frequencies have a maximum amount of devices that can connect before there are performance problems. The good news is we are always striving to resolve these issues either by optimizing the network or adding more access points where we can.

My Residence Wi-Fi is not working?

The residence wireless network is not provided by Fanshawe’s IT Services. If you’re having trouble with your residence Wi-Fi please contact the residence front desk and they will be able to assist you.

Report Wi-Fi and networking problems

Having trouble with Wi-Fi in a particular room/area? Damaged network port in a classroom?
Use the link below to report the issue, please provide as much detail as possible. (ieRoom number/location in room)